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Friday, March 11, 2016

Yup!  That's right, the famous Bran Castle in Romania, more quaintly known as Dracula's Castle is up for sale––and has been since 2014.  Apparently hard to find a good buyer with a price tag of up to $80 million.  Wish I had the cash, I'd be right there tonight, snuggling up in the lovely bed below...

And then I'd be up for a witching hour stroll through some of the creepier places in the castle, like the castle secret stairs...

But alas, my poor investments over the years have not allowed me the financial fortitude to even purchase a plane ticket to Romania.  I guess I'll be sleeping in my ol' chair tonight and exploring my creepy kitchen.  I do have a bat in the kitchen and a few other little pals to chat with on lonely evenings, as pictured below...

Ah, home sweet home...


According to
"Bran Castle, a 12th century fortress perched atop a hill in central Romania, is for sale. The castle is popular tourist destination—thanks to its most famous (but fictional) resident, Count Dracula. The current owners, however, are getting older, the Telegraph reports, and hope to hand over the reins to a Dracula- and history-loving visionary who can breathe new life into the place..."

Read the rest of the short article here:

Enjoy a high-flying SkyCam video of the Bran Castle exterior...

Now check out a treasure trove of historical info, pics & video tours of Bran Castle.
Available on the BRAN CASTLE Official Website!

Sit back and sink in to this beautiful music from

One of my all-time favorite pieces of film music! 

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