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Thursday, March 3, 2016

So far this year, one of my favorite new film scores is THE MARTIAN by outstanding composer HARRY GREGSON-WILLIAMS, who also did a fine score for COWBOYS & ALIENS

The music for THE MARTIAN is at times ethereal, at other times heartfelt and moving, and still at other times electronic and driving when some of the more intense moments in the film require it.  Below enjoy a taste test from THE MARTIAN.  The pieces focused on here fall into the ethereal and moving and are some of my favorite.  Enjoy!


Check out this very interesting episode of SCIENCE VS. CINEMA, focusing on THE MARTIAN.  I'm definitely a science/physics buff and this show is worth watching.  Learn where Hollywood got it right and where dramatic story telling took control of the reins, with host DR. ANDY HOWELL.

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