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Monday, March 21, 2016

I'll be tearing away the police tape soon and will be back for more regular posts.
My crimes against humanity and the evil, sadistic, life-sucking
 California justice system can only stifle me for so long.

But in the meantime...

ALL NEW from Feast Frenzy @ The Horror Food Network!

Sometimes it's the simple comfort foods in life that make you feel like everything will be OK.  So!  What's better than some old-fashion crinkle-cut French fries?  Grilled to a golden brown on my Nu Wave oven and dusted with ground black pepper.  Then three dipping sauces: spicy brown mustard, fat-free Kraft ranch dressing (sprinkled with cayenne pepper), and good ol' ketchup (sprinkled with oregano).  Delicious!

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