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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ALL NEW from Feast Frenzy @ The Horror Food Network!

Now that's what I call a plate of scrumptious PASTA JAMBALAYA!  First I boiled whole wheat Fettuccine till "al dente", then added Prego Italian Sausage & Garlic sauce spiced up with diced tomatoes to give the sauce extra body, and mix.  On the NuWave Oven I grilled skewers of Hot Italian Sausage (cut into slices), thick wedges of red & green bell peppers, and medium-size raw shrimp––all brushed (both sides) with Frank's Red Hot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce and sprinkled with oregano& basil.  Once done, just pour the pasta onto a large plate and add the sausage, shrimp, bell peppers, and sprinkle with shredded Parmesan cheese.  Outstanding!

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