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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


From 11/2015––TEXAS's FRISCO KID reviews NOTE-TO-SELF (by Christopher Alan Broadstone) from JOURNALS OF HORROR (Edited by Terry. M. West).

"In this gothic horror tale that reads like a contemporary story written by a resurrected Edgar Allan Poe, Broadstone introduces us to a serial killer, Splitfoot.  One reason that this tale is so engrossing is its basis in the author’s painstaking and meticulous research, which gives the story – particularly its scientific and technical aspects, but also its locations – the ring of authenticity." –– Bill Meeker, Texas's Frisco Kid Blog

JOH on Amazon for Kindle:

JOURNALS OF HORROR Edited by author Terry M. West? –– JOH features modern masters of horror: E R Robin Dover, DS Ullery, PD Caceck, Christopher Alan Broadstone?, Todd Keisling, Regina West, Glenn Rolfe, Jeff Ö'Brien, Darryl Dawson Brown, Robert Holtgrewe, Sonja Thomas, Wesley Thomas, John Ledger, Lori R. Lopez, Paula Cappa, Michael Thomas-Knight, Paul D. Marks, Stuart Keane, Scott Essel Pratt, Crystal Leflar

JOURNALS OF HORROR goes PAPERBACK! $14.95 on Amazon!

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