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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

KRAMPUS (2015 –– In Theaters)
I saw the new Christmas horror KRAMPUS at the cheap show this morning and...what can I say? I actually thought it was pretty damn fun!

After the opening title sequence, which is quite humorous –– and a blatant satire on the shameless, herd-driven, gift-must-have zeitgeist that is currently fought on Black Friday through Cyber Monday –– what I appreciated was that the film took itself seriously. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of one-liners, but even those nestled nicely in the tattered stocking of the KRAMPUS-terrorized world.

As the film begins, it mellows just long enough to pull us down into the more ubiquitous horror dreaded by many: the immediate relatives are coming!!!! And when they pop up, they are nasty in a CHRISTMAS VACATION meets DELIVERANCE sort of way. At first this seemed to be pushing a bit, but ultimately remained in-check with what KRAMPUS did best: countdown to launch and then jolt us with one amusement park, shock-horror ride all the way to the end. All of the scares are fun ones –– nothing that will change your life –– but fun. And wow!!!! Almost no CGI ghouls! Apparently KRAMPUS and his gang are old-school horror fans. Would the film still entertain and traumatize modern day, preteen kids? Undoubtedly, and it would likely stick with 'em for a lifetime. So be sure to show the younger ones KRAMPUS.

Overall, the vibe of the movie felt like a good 'ol Stephen King short story that Tim Burton got hold of. So, check out KRAMPUS for some great fun and to wash the more conservative and conventional holiday flicks out of your mind. And remember, just when you think all is calm and right at Christmas...well...well...just watch the movie.

Enjoy the trailer here:

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