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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Well, poo...what can I say about INTO THE HEART OF THE SEA.  It just didn't float my boat.  No pun intended.  It seemed like a string of spectacular events with gorgeous special effects, but with uncertain direction and no real climax.  I felt like I was watching a whale of a tale with a super big whale that never connected with humanity beyond ramming the hell out of a people-boat.  And then all are adrift for goddamn ever, forced to finally eat each other, and then what?  No freakin' whale!  Ok, the whale did show back up, but only long enough to give the giant eyeball to our hero, who then capitulated to Green Peace and didn't bother to even really try to kill the monster fish (mammal) who had destroyed his crew, ship, and life.  Hmmmmm...oh!  And by the way, Herman Melville is taking notes on this story being told word-of-mouth the whole time, for a possible new novel.  Well, I guess he got one.  Funny that in this film he informs the story teller that he won't need to use all that was told.  He meant the cannibalism faux pas –– but Jesus Christ, that was the best part!  At any rate, I guess Melville got himself a classic novel out of it all anyway –– no wonder I avoid the classics.  And I was just kind of wishing my popcorn hadn't run out and the movie would be over.  Or at least show me some more cool giant whale destruction footage.  No such luck.  I just got an ear full of more stilted dialogue from the story teller's dowdy wife.

Enjoy the trailer here. It's better than the film:

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  1. Melville's novel is a lot better than this movie sounds!