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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NEW!!! TEXAS'S FRISCO KID reviews NOTE-TO-SELF (by Christopher Alan Broadstone) from JOURNALS OF HORROR (Edited by Terry. M. West).

Read Review Here: 

"In this gothic horror tale that reads like a contemporary story written by a resurrected Edgar Allan Poe, Broadstone introduces us to a serial killer, Splitfoot.  One reason that this tale is so engrossing is its basis in the author’s painstaking and meticulous research, which gives the story – particularly its scientific and technical aspects, but also its locations – the ring of authenticity." –– Bill Meeker, Texas's Frisco Kid Blog 

JOH on Amazon for Kindle: 

JOURNALS OF HORROR Edited by author Terry M. West​ –– JOH features modern masters of horror: E R Robin Dover​, DS Ullery, PD Caceck, Christopher Alan Broadstone​, Todd Keisling​, Regina West​, Glenn Rolfe Horror​, Jeff Ö'Brien​, Darryl Dawson Brown​, Robert Holtgrewe​, Sonja Thomas​, Wesley Thomas Horror Author​, John Ledger​, Lori R. Lopez​, Paula Cappa​, Michael Thomas-Knight​, Paul D. Marks​, Stuart Keane​, Scott Essel Pratt​, Crystal Leflar

JOURNALS OF HORROR goes PAPERBACK! $14.95 on Amazon!

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