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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DARK STAR: H.R. GIGER'S WORLD (Documentary 2014 – Netflix Streaming)

This is a wonderful documentary for any fan of H.R. GIGER, the artist who brought the world the ALIEN and a host of other works in painting and sculpture –– all simultaneously dark, horrific, fantastic, arousing, and beautiful.

In DARK STAR a close friend of Giger's, Stanislav Grof (psychiatrist/author), said the artist once told him, "I don't paint these kinds of images because I indulge in it, but because they scare me so much.  When I put it on canvas I have some sense of command or getting control over it.  It's healing for me."

And this is what I truly enjoyed about DARK STAR –– this insight.  Like Giger himself, DARK STAR is not a documentary in a conventional sense, but more of a visit into Giger's private world in the final months of his life.  We get to see all the cluttered nooks and crannies of his home in Switzerland and are simply allowed to sit with the icon in quiet moments interspersed with his amazing art and his few but poignant words.  We also get to see his vulnerable side and his pain as he talks about the suicide (by gunshot in 1975) of the love of his life, Swiss stage actress and model, LI TOBLER.

Having been with Li for some 9 years, she appears in much of Giger's earlier art, especially the famous LI series.  Nevill Drury, who interviewed Giger in 1985 (Shadowzone # 5) is quoted, observing that:

"Li is the prototype for the many ethereal women in his paintings who peer forth from the torment of snakes, needles and stifling bone prisons – to a world beyond. Giger painted Li's body several times with an airbrush and there are several photographs of her posing naked – like a woman of mystery struggling to emerge from the nightmare that has possessed her soul".

Although it is sad to see Giger in a state of greatly deteriorated health, I highly recommend DARK STAR: H.R. GIGER'S WORLD to all fans of fantastic and macabre art.  The man was a true icon and will continue to influence and inspire for decades to come, and beyond.

Enjoy the DARK STAR trailer here:

Learn more about LI TOBLER here:


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