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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

From 6.2.15 –– Feast Frenzy @ the Horror Food Network! 

Tonight a tornado of spicy met a whirlwind of flavor in The Perfect Storm of a meal. Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon basted with lemon juice and grilled, then topped with a fresh pico de gallo of diced tomatoes & jalapenos, in a crushed red pepper & chipotle pepper sauce, garnished with whole black olives –– very fiery! Then I engulfed the entree with three sides: a slice of grilled red onion sprinkled with cinnamon; a grilled, green bell pepper spiced with oregano & garlic; and grilled mini portobello mushrooms sprinkled with garlic and basil. This was a flaming feast that put hair on my chest and had my nose running. Delicious!

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