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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

From 6.11.15 –– Time again for Feast Frenzy @ The Horror Food Network!

Since the Avocado Fairy dropped by the other night (my landlady's husband again left two ripe avocados at my door, direct from the neighbor's tree), I am now stocked with a surplus of homemade guacamole. So, today it was time for my signature nachos. Gluten-free, yellow-corn, tortilla chips spread with fat-free refried beans, then a layer of sharp cheddar (2% milk/reduced fat), and topped with freshly sliced jalapeno peppers –– then all grilled to perfection on my Nu Wave Oven. At the center of the nacho ring is my homemade guac resting on a bed of fresh spinach leaves and topped with two black olives and fresh jalapeno. For that extra kick, a side of red salsa in a large Skull shot glass. Very tasty all around.

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