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Sunday, October 4, 2015

ALL NEW from Feast Frenzy @ The Horror Food Network!

I sensationally call this one ASSASSIN'S FINGER SALAD. I call it that because I had a vision of the dish as I was watching the Sylvester Stallone/Antonio Banderas film ASSASSINS with my parents last night. From 1995, it's a rousing film written by the Wachowski brothers (although one has now apparently become a sister. Hmmmm...ok.) of MATRIX trilogy fame. Great popcorn, action flick if you haven't seen it.

WHAT YOU SEE: Crisp, torn kale sprinkled with parmesan cheese and dressed with canola oil & balsamic vinegar, then topped with two pepperoncinis. Springing from this are slices of cucumber (drizzled with 50/50 salt & black pepper), radish slices, jalapenos, apple wedges (drizzled with cinnamon), a baby carrot, black olives, and a large dollop of spicy brown mustard for dipping. Now for the ASSASSIN'S FINGERS: spears of extra-sharp cheddar rolled in extra-lean smoked ham, then sprinkled with black & cayenne pepper. 

WHAT YOU DON'T SEE: Lying beneath it all is a giant half-leaf of collard green, which has been marinating in the canola oil & balsamic vinegar. The stalk is so thick you can pick up the collard green at each end and eat the leaf like an ear of corn. Delicious!

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