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Saturday, October 24, 2015

LAST DAY (Oct. 25)!  JUST .99¢!

SUICIDE THE HARD WAY: And Other Tales From The Innerzone!

Grab your copy @ Amazon US: or Amazon UK:


"[Broadstone] is definitely raising the bar on horror entertainment..." –– Zachary Walters, The Mouths Of Madness Podcast

"[Broadstone's] stories stay with you and are delivered with an exclamation point." –– Christopher Zisi, Zisi Emporium For B-Movies

"These are stories that will seep beneath your skin. Some may make you cringe or squirm, some may garner a twisted chuckle, but all will stay with you. I am quite impressed by the versatility shown within these pages." –– Paula Limbaugh, Horror Novel Reviews

"Broadstone's work is always a highly crafted effort of dark art. I know he will take me places where I may not want to go, but I have to. Plain and simple: he is one of my favorite contemporary authors/filmmakers. His work haunts and is the stuff of nightmares." –– Terry M. West, author of "What Price Gory?" and "Dreg"

"Broadstone’s short films are a dark, surreal exploration into the human psyche, evoking as much horror and fear in the viewer as contemplative thought." –– Michael Laimo, Bram Stoker Nominated author of "Deep In The Darkness" and "Dead Souls"

SUICIDE THE HARD WAY: And Other Tales From The Innerzone –– collects 7 never-before-released stories of the macabre from CHRISTOPHER ALAN BROADSTONE, horror filmmaker (3 DEAD GIRLS!) and novelist (PUZZLEMAN).  SUICIDE also includes 3 screenplays, film essays, 32 lyrics/poetry, and hyperlinks to music and much more!  (Please visit Amazon for detailed book description: )

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