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Friday, October 2, 2015

Saw THE MARTIAN this morning and I have to say I enjoyed it. However, for such a bleak premise –– one man stranded indefinitely on Mars –– I wish it had been played a little darker throughout. Nonetheless, it does have some juicy-intense moments, but those are broken up with a light-feel-goodishness speckled with –– of all things –– mirror-ball-classic disco music (the booty-shakin' tunes are actually a torture for our abandoned hero, so it does work in the context of the film).

Directed by the master Ridley Scott (BLADE RUNNER, ALIEN) the film is beautiful to look at and is top notch in every detail. The acting was solid and Matt Damon was quite good. Although THE MARTIAN is from the novel of the same name, by Andy Weir, the high-concept premise is straight from the 1964 sci-fi film ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS –– minus the spacesuited monkey (thank god for small miracles). 3:)

See THE MARTIAN for a good ride, but don't expect Ridley Scott's classic dark, heavy works such as BLADE RUNNER, ALIEN, or BLACKHAWK DOWN. Oh, and most importantly, Jessica Chastain is as sexy as ever. 3:)

Watch the trailer here:

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