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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In regard to my new story A CATCH IN TIME...

I'm somewhat notorious for being with women half my age. Maybe as a film director I suffer from a Roman Polanski Syndrome. But I don't think we are the only two in this world. Tatiana Ruiz Ospina is my character, in the new story. And she is barely 20 and is beautiful and is already lost and running. But she has magic about her. Something that all young woman have, I think. And being with a young woman isn't really what it's all about for me. It's about knowing them at an amazing time of their life. As with Tatiana, it's about writing here, discovering her, being witness to her unfolding before my's really something truly magical. It's just a shame I have to kill her.

Pretty women, how they make a man sing. Pretty women, proof of heaven.

PRETTY WOMEN form SWEENEY TODD says it all. I guess maybe I'm just a man, and not much more complicated than that.

Enjoy the video clip here:

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