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Friday, November 20, 2015

BOUND BY FLESH ("Sundance Selects" Documentary 2012 – Netflix Streaming)

This is a fascinating and often tragic documentary about the famous HILTON TWINS, DAISY and VIOLET.  Born in 1908, these sisters came into this world as they would one day leave it, as Siamese twins.  Sold off by their mother, they became famous around the world in sideshows, vaudeville, burlesque, and even films, such as the infamous classic directed by Todd Browning, FREAKS (1932) –– which is a unique and worthy piece of cinema that should also be seen by anyone interested in the macabre and bizarre.

I recommend  BOUND BY FLESH for its depth –– hearing the twins talk about their lives can be quite moving –– and for its commentary on the world of alternative, voyeuristic entertainment that lurks in the shadow realm of the sideshow.

Enjoy the BOUND BY FLESH trailer here:

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