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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

LIFE ITSELF (Documentary – Currently Streaming On Netflix)

WOW! What a fantastic documentary on the life of journalist and Pulitzer Prize winning film critic Roger Ebert. But WOW! What a hard documentary to watch at times. This film does not shy away from Ebert's final days and surgery for cancer, which required the removal of his entire lower jaw. It is very graphic, to say the least, to see him in the hospital after the surgery. I felt sick and wanted to cry at the same time. 

Nonetheless, I highly recommend this in-depth doc. The extensive coverage of Ebert's and Gene Siskel's lifelong rivalry, and ultimate friendship, is captivating to witness. And it's often hilarious to see them try to tear each other apart at the seams with endless vitriolic wordplay. They both were vicious and competitive to the max.

Again, highly recommended, –– but be forewarned, this film is graphic and heart wrenching to watch at times. At the least, check out the trailer below, it is safe for the squeamish.

Check out the trailer here:

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