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Sunday, November 8, 2015

So....where do I fit into all this madness?  I'm still not sure, except to quote from my own novel, PUZZLEMAN: "No one's sane down a drain, down a drain no one's sane." As the photo above, from the Fritz Lang classic THE BLUE GARDENIA, suggests, I've been spiraling down that drain a bit.  As I recently explained on Facebook...

I've been a bit dicey and aloof of late, folks. I've been working hard finishing a book trailer and adapting a short story into a short script. I finished the work and the client went incommunicado and has stiffed me for the only money I was going to make this month and probably the next. Merry Christmas. So I've been spinning in a BLUE GARDENIA state of mind. Meaning, wh-wha-what happened? What went wrong? How did I commit that murder? lol

Oh, well. Life goes on, right. So I'm back to my own personal writing and film work. I have that one damn short story, A CATCH IN TIME, still to finish, which I've been developing for 8 months or more now. I have my second novel to finally finish, which has been on hold for many years, HEATHER'S TREEHOUSE –– it'll be another 20 year project, thanks to that abandonment some 350 pages in. And I have to get my three films SCREAM FOR ME, MY SKIN!, and HUMAN NO MORE into proper HD shape and somehow get them available so they can enjoy a new life. I also have to try not to have a nervous breakdown, or end up in debtor's prison (I know, they don't have those anymore. So real prison. Yay!) Hence, I'm watching movies for therapy. Which is what I do instead of going to a shrink.

Enjoy this relative scene from the film THE BLUE GARDENIA:

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