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Friday, November 6, 2015


I saw the new Bond film SPECTRE this morning. Woohoo!

I'll say up front that this film isn't as great as SKYFALL, but that movie will be nearly impossible to beat. It was a transitional film –– an ending of things, the first real look back into 007's mysterious childhood, and it was an offering of a new beginning. SPECTRE is that new beginning.

The opening shot is outstanding, taking the single long shot to new heights.  Keep your eyes open on this one and follow it follow it follow it and...loved the reveal!

Now the opening action's not the best opening ever, but it's right up there and has plenty to offer.  What I came to love about the film overall is that SPECTRE brings us all back down to earth a bit, for a pure Bond adventure.  But don't think there aren't some twists.  There are.  And also, don't be too disappointed with Christopher Waltz as the criminal mastermind Oberhauser.  Give him a chance, he gets better.  And possibly even better than that!  Also, brace yourself for some serious torture.  OMG, ouch!

I also loved the look of SPECTRE, with it's smooth muted tones, sometimes reminiscent of an elegant 1940s black & white, intermixed with an almost gritty-hot horror vibe filling the shadows.

My vote is go see SPECTRE and have fun –– it's not SKYFALL –– but who cares, it's a brand spanking knew Bond film.  And in this case, that's just great enough. 

Watch the trailer here:

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