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Sunday, November 22, 2015

By Nellie Bly

I picked up this fascinating book on Amazon yesterday for just .99¢ (Kindle Edition).  Well worth the price.  I had never known anything about this story, which sounds compelling and possibly quite disturbing.  Check it out!

Amazon Synopsis:

In 1887, Nellie Bly accepted an assignment from publisher Joseph Pulitzer of the New York World and went undercover at the lunatic asylum on Blackwell Island, America’s first municipal mental hospital. Calling herself “Nellie Brown,” she was able to convince policemen, a judge, and a series of doctors of her madness with a few well-practiced facial expressions of derangement. 

At the institution, Bly discovered the stuff of nightmares. Mentally ill patients were fed rotten, inedible food; violently abused by a brutal, uncaring staff; and misdiagnosed, mistreated, or generally ignored by the doctors and so-called mental health experts entrusted with their care. To her horror, Bly encountered sane patients who had been committed on the barest of pretenses and came to the shocking realization that, while the Blackwell Island asylum was remarkably easy to get into, it was nearly impossible to leave.

Reputed to be in theaters as of November 11th (and starring Caroline Barry & Christopher  Lambert), I have yet to track it down.  I need to check the art houses.  But enjoy the trailer below!

Watch the trailer here: 


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