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Friday, November 20, 2015

THE DA VINCI DETECTIVE (Documentary 2006 – Netflix Streaming)

This is a fascinating documentary whether you're a high-art lover who sniffs the wine cork and rambles on about the bouquet, or you simply think Leonardo Da Vinci was the coolest artist/designer/inventor of all time.  Me, being a dark-art and H.R. Giger fan, tend to fall into the latter category.  And I always love a mystery that has transcended the centuries and has defied the greatest minds.  THE DA VINCI DETECTIVE is a doc that definitely falls into this category.

It expounds with enthralling detail the tireless, 30-year hunt by forensic historian MAURIZIO SERACINI for a lost Da Vinci mural titled THE BATTLE OF ANGHIARI, which abruptly disappeared during the Renaissance.  As this story unfolds today, Serancini is very close to finding it –– where? –– in its original location.  I won't say more than that.  Also, another Da Vinci is focused on, one of the artist's earliest works, the ADORATION OF THE MAJI.  Serancini uses his masterful knowledge and unparalleled use of specially developed technology to uncover some amazing truths about this painting.

I highly recommend THE DA VINCI DETECTIVE.  It's an adventure in intellect and art, and is just a really cool trip into history and into the new future of these outstanding paintings.

Enjoy a brief clip from the documentary here:

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