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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Enjoy the THRILL KILL teaser trailers I edited and audioed. They are very short and intended primarily for those folks addicted to their smartphones, Instagram, and who suffer from modern technology ADHD.
The trailers are also meant to be watched in the order below, so that there is a progressively greater reveal of the film –– although things will still be a mystery.

THRILL KILL_A Taste Of Carrie_Trailer_1080p HD 

THRILL KILL_Max-A-Million!_Teaser-Trailer_1080p HD 

THRILL KILL_Christian Be Damned!_Teaser-Trailer_1080p HD 

THRILL KILL_Time To Kill!_Teaser-Trailer_1080p HD! 

THRILL KILL_Kill It!_Teaser-Trailer!_1080p HD  

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