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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


The first ever, original CHILI'S restaurant opened in Dallas, TX, way back in 1975, located at Greenville Av. & Meadow Rd. I remember eating their regularly from a young age, and it was amazing! And it was always a cool, dark grotto of tables packed in wherever they could fit them. The burgers, fries, and soft tacos could not be beat––and there was always a line out the door; people waiting just to get inside so they could inch down the entrance bar and cool off with frozen margaritas until they were up next to be seated. Years later, after the original Chili's owner sold out to corporate––when I was well into my teens––the food remained the same...for a while.

Today CHILI'S is still great, but it's completely different. The only item remaining on the current menu is the OLDTIMER w/CHEESE burger (although what used to be white onions are now red onions). My all-time fav chili burger, the TERLINGUA PRIDE (now when I ask for some chili on my burger, they look at me like I'm speaking Klingon).  Also long gone is my other fav, the CHILI'S SPECIAL SOFT TACOS. :(

Good news is the TOSTADOS & HOT SAUCE (now called Bottomless Tostada Chips) are pretty close to what I remember, and OK, the chili (used be called TEXAS RED) is still very similar (although only now available without beans).

Enjoy this article about the original CHILI'S being torn down, and also some pics.

The Dallas Morning News article:

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