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Friday, July 1, 2016

Saw SWISS ARMY MAN this morning––starring DANIEL RADCLIFFE and PAUL DANO––and I have to say I quite liked it

Not for everyone, but it resonated with me. If you have the right––somewhat twisted, somewhat dark, somewhat irreverent––sense of humor you'll enjoy the film. And if, like me, you can relate to the loneliness brought on by isolation you'll understand the movie on a deeper level. One where the imagination, relentless introspective thought, and the constant feeling that you just don't fit into this world can give you a very different perspective on love and self-appreciation that many would call not only bizarre and insane, but self-sabotaging and dangerously sociopathic.

In some ways SWISS ARMY MAN is a movie about a stalker, but not a stalker in the usual sense, but a stalker of one's identity, self-worth, inner peace, and much needed happiness.

All in all, SWISS ARMY MAN made me smile and sometimes chuckle, even if it also left me touched with a twinge of sadness. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something different.

Enjoy MONTAGE, the film's theme song here, it says a lot about the vibe of the film––Pop popcorn, pop popcorn, pop popcorn, now we're using your body like it's a machine gun, I have to admit I'm enjoying your company...

But so often it can be terribly difficult to enjoy your own company.


Enjoy the SWISS ARMY MAN trailer here:

Enjoy this mini-featurette on MAKING MANNY for SWISS ARMY MAN:


In theaters today (July 1st)––OUR KIND OF TRAITOR. Another book into film from spymaster novelist JOHN LE CARRE. Starring EWAN McGREGOR, NAOMIE HARRIS, and STELLAN SKARSGARD, the flick looks like an excellent and intelligent espionage thriller. Hope to check this one out soon.

Enjoy the trailer here:


THE INFILTRATOR (Coming July 13th), starring Bryan Cranston of BREAKIN BAD superstardom and the always great John Leguizamo. This one looks like a good one in the drug/crime thriller department.

Enjoy the trailer here:

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