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Monday, July 25, 2016

I've been a huge KING KONG fan since I was kid, and still love the original 1933 version, as well as the PETER JACKSON remake. And now Hollywood has brought KONG into the modern age with...

KONG: SKULL ISLAND due out in 2017!

The Comic-Con trailer looks good––the film starring TOM HIDDLESTON, BRIE LARSON, JOHN GOODMAN, JOHN C. REILLY, and...can you guess? That's right! SAMUEL L. JACKSON popping up in still another action film. This is almost starting to annoy me. lol I liked him quite a lot back when he made a real effort to play characters instead of just himself––the now token "Sam Jackson" character that Hollywood today seems to think is a requirement.

Anyway, checkout the new trailer here:

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